We institute structures for your financial protection

  • Incorporation

  • Licensing, Permits

  • Trusts & Identity Protection

  • Referrals for Lawyers, CPAs, etc.



Clients finding the support they need

and talent they deserve is our number one priority.


We use a unique set of tools to uncover a candidates strengths.

Our methods exceed clients expectations every time. 

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Fair Business Solutions coordinates and collaborates with CPAs, Legal Counsel, Financial Planners, Insurance Brokers, etc. to guarantee maximum results for our clients. 

We are happy to be the go-between with these experts to get you the best results for your business. 

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Who. Where. Why we do this.

Since 2015, we have been providing professional services to clients in Los Angeles, San Diego and New York.

Our specialization began with Human Resources but after years of working with small businesses, we expanded into a broader range of services focusing on bookkeeping to assist in overall growth for our customers.


Whether you need help recruiting talent, bookkeeping, or consulting, Fair Business Solutions offers a data-driven approach that delivers easy to understand solutions and stops problems before they start.


Our team is personable and efficient. We find true satisfaction in getting results for our clients; creating customized plans of action for your organization that create structures for peace of mind.

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Bookkeeping is often one of the most important and simultaneously easiest parts of a business to overlook.

Since founding our business, we have helped organizations re-coop overpaid taxes, stop unnecessary costs and solve problems that aren't always visible without accurate bookkeeping.

Contact us to find out how we can help you take a deeper look at your books.

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What People Are Saying

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"Worth every penny!  I kept hiring people who seemed good at first, but didn’t work out.  I was burnt out on hiring employees when I came to Fair Business Solutions. 


After getting to know me and my business, they talked me into hiring someone slightly different than what I had originally planned to hire, and it’s been fantastic!” 

Carla Smith, Owner

Hub of the House

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"I had a bookkeeper that I thought was good, but when they doubled my rates, I switched to Stephanie and her team.  

What came next was a series of disappointments finding out the mistakes the previous bookkeeper had made.  Among other things, my sales tax had been overpaid (an unbelievable amount!).  Stephanie amended the taxes and we got it all back! 


The thing I appreciate most of all is the communication about what is going in my business. My staff really enjoys working with her as well."

Melody Ehsani, President & Founder
Melody Ehsani, Inc

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"Fair Business Solutions has been instrumental in helping us grow. The way they communicate whats going on with our books, alerting me to

 problems or concerns has blown me away (and is a vast improvement from our previous bookkeeper.)  The HR support in screening and selecting new employees is a godsend.


They have saved this company money, fees and, most of all, time.  I consider Stephanie part of our executive team."


Grace Branton , President


call or text Stephanie at: (646) 789-6895 or (323) 379-3810